Online Education

New to BlazePod? Come and join our monthly BlazePod 101 Webinar. Or dive deeper into our flagship Flash Reflex (FRX) Trainer course and earn CECs/CEUs in the process! More online education to follow...  

Live Education

Come and learn from our Master Trainers around the globe. Find an accredited course near you or reach out to us if you'd like to host a course at your location! 


If you're looking for research around visual reaction training or want to check out some how to clips, our resources folder has what you're looking for. If you are missing something there, don't hesitate to reach out to us! 



Flash Reflex (FRX) Training

BlazePod's revolutionary method of training that combines cognitive and physical effort into each and every drill, exercise, challenge, test and competition. 

FRX is our philosophical core as we aim to train our reactions to respond almost as instinctively as our involuntary reflexes. 

Learn more about BlazePod's FRX training, the science behind it, and the benefits surrounding your BlazePod experience. And earn CECs/CEUs in the process!


Live Education

Come and learn at one of our live courses from our top professional Master Trainers cause nothing beats the way our brain absorbs knowledge like practical learning and pinging ideas back and forth off your peers!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that
no one can take it away from you"

- B.B. King -

Host an FRX Trainer Course 

Contact us to host your own CEC/CEU accredited, Flash Reflex (FRX) Trainer Course.

We will connect you with one of our BlazePod Master Trainers, who will be there to deliver the course and provide certification.

A 6 hour course including theory and lots of practical learning.

Engage and excite your training staff with BlazePod's FRX training and provide your clients with professional reaction training solutions!

Meet Our Master Trainers

We pick them from the tree of knowledge and educate them in the ways of the Pod

Igor Dzierżanowski

Ortal Netser

Jamal Liggin

Los Angeles, CA

Hank Van Der Merwe


Chico Morales
Dallas, TX

David Gouze

Zach Brown

Houston, TX

Alex Hurst


Chris Lane
Huntington, WV

James Robertshaw

Michal Pražák

Czech Republic

Kitti Horváth


Stefano Breda

Dr. Sean Drake
Scottsdale, AZ

Robin White

San Fransisco, CA

Thomas Soulié


Nick Greenwell
Burley, ID 

Pasha Gerasimov

Ingmar Sommerfeld


Omri Ronen


Antonio Lucas

Alex Keren Or

Scott Handback

Charlotte, NC

George Tzelalis


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"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education
is to the human soul."

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Our Community

"BlazePod keeps the brains of young student-athletes engaged and activated during training sessions!"

Alessia McIntosh

״The feedback in the app is probably one of the best parts. It's challenging you to see your split-second reaction time which is the difference between you hitting the ball and not hitting the ball.״

Kyle Valery

"The versatility of BlazePod fits into so many different training styles while being both fun and easy to use."

Joshua Hill

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