BlazePod Academy Resources


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Welcome to the BlazePod Academy research center, where you can find evidence based articles and papers, and understand the importance of reaction based training for you, your clients and your athletes.

BlazePod Tutorials

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Need a little help navigating through the app, or understand the Random logic settings, but don't have time to take our Flash Reflex (FRX) Trainer course? Then come and watch a short clip to help you out...

BlazePod Starter Collections

New to BlazePod and want a helping hand knowing where to start, what drills and exercises to use in your first session? Dive in and choose your available field... We hope your starter collection will kick your imagination into the next gear a...

Master Trainers

Home of the BlazePod Master Trainers, the BlazePod Academy's global educators! Stay connected to the community, download all your educational and logistical materials and stay updated on all things BlazePod.